Hi there, I'm Natalie 

Welcome to my world … I have been a Graphic Designer for as long as I can remember and with over 20 years of design experience and a love for pattern and typography, I bring my creative vision to the table for all of my clients, with my signature contemporary, commercial and clean-cut style.

I have always loved art and making things since I was tiny and always remember my Nanna telling me when I was a little girl I should design cards for a living, I said yeah Nanna whatever and went on to study Graphic design. 


My first job after leaving college was for a company designing children’s stationery and I thought my dreams had come true until 6 months later when the company went into receivership and I was back to job hunting.


Little did I know my dreams really would come true soon after, when I landed a wonderful job designing greetings cards (just as my Nanna had always said I would) for a living. 


Fast forward 20 years… one husband, two kids, a cat and a gecko later and my cards are still in the shops today. 


I have been in the greetings card industry for a long time, working with several well known companies and never seem to get tired of seeing my best selling card designs in shops and supermarkets. 


My clients love my eye-catching designs and attention to detail, as well as my talent of understanding a brief and a passion to achieve the very best - Being a perfectionist definitely has its uses!


When I am not busy designing in my studio you can usually find me on the school run, at the side of a football pitch or dancing around the living room making my two kids laugh. 


As well as being creative I love spending time with family and friends, watching musicals and drinking cups of tea. My dislikes include rudeness, being too hot (or cold for that matter), coffee and nuts.   


I love my variety of work and always seem to have lots of different projects on the go at once. From logo design and branding to invitations and greetings cards and personalised pictures for my established shop front on Not On The High Street called Sweet Dimple.

I get no better pleasure than helping my clients translate their ideas into finished designs whilst at the same time creating something amazing to truly represent their business. I am honoured that my customers class me as their go to Graphic Designer and all round branding expert. In a nutshell I just love helping people and can turn any creative vision into a reality.

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